The Super Affiliate Mindset – A Deep Look Into The Mind of a Super Affiliate

What is the super affiliate mindset? What do they THINK and DO that you most likely don’t THINK and DO? Today we are going to dig DEEP into the mind of the super affiliate to discover what exactly makes them tick and what attributes, thoughts and tactics they have and use that you can acquire and emulate.

The super affiliate mindset is different from the mindset of low producing, even average affiliates. If you have ever wanted to be counted among the top affiliates in the world this article will endeavor to help you instill the super affiliate mindset.

the super affiliate mindset

Characteristics of the Super Affiliate Mindset

If you have ever studied the mindset of all types of winners (sports, academics, business, sales, etc) you’ ll notice that usually each is composed of at least several of these characteristics. The following charateristics of top producrs are NOT necessarily in the order of importance. 

1) Laser Focused Discipline That Isn’t Easily Side-Tracked.
laser-focused-discpline-the-super-affiliate-mindsetThe laser focused discipline that the super affiliate mindset produces is likely one of the most important attributes of the top producers online. They focus on the project at hand. There may be several projects they wish to undertake but they never let the newest shiny object deter them from their path.

Like the martial arts master they turn their disciplined focus on the goal and never allow an outside influence to deter them because …

To a super affiliate, affiliate marketing is their life-blood.

2) Super Affiliates Give to Get
itsbettertogive - the super affiliate mindsetThe super affiliate mindset is not selfish. And if one particular subject is inherently selfish he/she will learn to overcome that fault in order to achieve the goal because …

They come to recognize that giving is the path to obligation. Giving does in fact instill obligation and obligation turns in conversions.

The deeper the obligation and feeling of gratitude the more the prospect is willing to convert. And of course when a prospect converts (buys the product or service or signs up for an online course) the marketer wins a new customer and the prospect (now a customer) gets what they want too.

Affiliate marketing, done right, is win/win. And the strategy of giving first is taught and explained in the Bible. God did it, He taught it and of course still teaches it today through His Word but you can rest assured that if God teaches giving it’s because it works!

They (the marketer) also recognize that no matter how many free strategies they give away the chances are extremely low that those strategies they reveal will ever be used (no threat of competition) because most affiliates are lazy, want everything “now” and soon quit. But just in case you are one of the rare breed who will do what it takes to succeed here’s a video that shows you a strategy I use daily.

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3) Business Vs Career
When most people get involved within the affiliate arena they view the undertaking as a “I’ll give-it-a-try” hobby. At best they think of their hobby as a business. Super affiliates view their business as a profession. It is a CAREER not simply a business. It is the way they are going to become what they have always dreamed of becoming. They live and breathe affiliate marketing.

4) Top Producers Think Differently
The super affiliate mindset is full of creativity and his/her mind simply thinks differently. The super affiliate mindset sees beyond sales and commissions. They care about their customers, feelings and needs and most will not recommend something that doesn’t fill that need. The product or service also has to be something they would own themselves, even recommend to their mother. Their mind sees a lifetime of success, prosperity and joy simply by helping others find and purchase products and services that will really enhance their lives.

5) The Supper Affiliate Mindset Doesn’t Allow For Quitting
the super affiliate mindset - never-quitTop affiliates may fail but they don’t see failure as failure but only as a learning experience they must go through in order to reach the prize – their goal. They don’t quit. They never give up. They keep right on busting through the walls that may pop up because they know that success is right around the corner and …

Wouldn’t it be a sad thing to quit just when success was coming in sight or within your grasp?

6) Top Affiliates Develop Excellent Communication Skills
Every top producer is able to communicate his/her thoughts in such a manner that they resonate with a large majority of those he or she encounters. Whether in person, video, or the written word top producers are able to get their points across in a persuasive manner.

7) Super Affiliates Don’t “Wing It”
Affiliate marketing isn’t a crap game of chance. It’s a profession and as such top producers are completely savvy, intune with their profession, their ideal target customer and market. Top online marketers are exactly like any other professional. They go to school to learn exactly how to do their profession.

8) Top Affiliates Plan
The super affiliate mindset dictates the need for a plan. Super affiliates plan their work and work their plan. Like I said ealier they don’t depend on luck. They believe in numbers, statistics and testing. Which brings me to the next characteristic of the super affiliate mindset.

9) Super Affiliates Test and Analyze Data
the-super-affiliate-mindset-test-test-testInstead of leaving their business to chance super affiliate test, re-test, split-test and test again. Then they compile data, analyze that data and test again to make sure the data is correct. They uderstand that they are in business to make profit. Without proper testing you can’t discover proper data and without proper data it is impossible to profit on a continuous basis.

Super affiliates know that simple copy adjustments like one word in a title, the first sentence in the first paragraph of copy, even an exclamation point can make all the difference in CTR. And so, they test. They analyze. They test some more.

10) Super Affiliates Learn What They Don’t Know
By this I mean they learn how to build websites, use keyword tools and learn how to dig out profitable micro niches and keywords that convert. They learn how to write quality, original and engaging content. They learn how to use autoresponders and write compelling follow-up letters. They learn how to get out of their own way. While the non-achievers look for the “EZ Button” super affiliates thrive upon learning how to complete tough tasks.

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Do you have any more characteristics regarding the super affiliate mindset you’d like to share with us amd those who will be reading this post?

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