THE Best Affiliate Training For Beginners

the-best-affiliate-training-for-beginners-affiliate-marketing-worksTHE best affiliate training for beginners is layed out in such a manner that a brand new, never done it (online marketing) before person with average apptitude can easily follow the step-by-step best affiliate training on the planet.

If you are looking to learn affiliate marketing you have found the right place. Just keep reading because I am going to share with you how to get the best affiliate training for beginners period so …

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin learning what the best affiliate training for beginners is all about!

The Best Affiliate Training For Beginners Will Teach You …

wealthy-affiliate-keyword-tool-competitionHow to use a keyword tool. You will learn how to use a keyword tool to discover easy to rank for keywords.

Finding the right keywords is very important.

Keywords are used to choose website domain names (URLs). Keywords are used to build out websites with quality, original content relevant to the niche’ you choose to dominate.

The quality content you write (based around targeted keywords) is the way to get free, organic search traffic to your website. Keywords are used to design PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Keywords are etxremely important and you will learn how to find them and how to use them.

the best affiliate training for beginners - how to build a website

How to build your first website. You may not think you need a website because of all the cons who tote making money by marketing on the Internet without a website; However, I can flat guarantee that if you really want to make money as an affiliate you will need your own website but …

Don’t sweat it! It isn’t that hard to build out your first website. If you can follow directions there are 4 steps. 4 simple mouse clicks (about 10 minutes) to have your first website set up and ready for content. How to do everything you need to do is explained step-by-step.

It’s a walk in the park, seriously!

I’m technically challenged and if I can build out a website why can’t you? Unless you are blind, have no arms or legs or simply can’t understand simple directions this will be a lot easier than you may think.

the best affiliate training for beginnersHow to choose a niche.’ You’ll learn how to find groups of people (niche’) ready and willing to give you money for a solution to a problem.

It is best to choose something that you are extremely passionate about. Some area, hobby or interest in which you are an expert or close to it.

This will serve two purposes and you’ll learn more about those purposes in the best affiliate training for beginners.

Any niche’ can produce money.

It doesn’t matter where your interests lie for example …

You could choose a niche’ like “Model Trains” or “Raising Chickens” or “The Fine Art of Pasture Pool.” It doesn’t matter what niche’ you choose to make money, the secret is to learn how to dominate that niche.’ And the best affiliate training for beginners does just that! 

writing-quality-original-content-the-best-affiliate-training-for-beginnersHow to write quailty content. You’ll learn how to write top quality, original, niche’ targeted content for your website. The content is what attracts highly targeted, organic search prospects (site visitors), sets you up as an expert, builds trust between you and your site visitors and helps them to willingly pull out their credit card for whatever you recommend.

I don’t know about you but still struggle with writing quality ORIGINAL content. I mean really, how is ANYTHING truly original online? There are MILLIONS, UPON MILLIONS of people writing content online. Content about everything under the sun. IF you can find me one real piece of truly original, never before written about content, I’ll eat my keyboard!

I envy those who can sit down and whip out 2500 word posts like it was a walk in the park but for me, even if I am an expert in the niche’, I find it takes me hours to write decent content.

I am not what I’d call good at it.

I get traffic.

I get lots of traffic on some of my sites.

I get traffic that buys my recommendations and so I make a full-time living online but I am far from what I’d call good at writing. Yet …

Before I was trained I couldn’t get traffic to a website to save my soul! So I am a very true believer in proper training. And it is hard to find the best affiliate training, anyway you’ll also learn …

How to use social media platforms. You’ll learn how to promote your website via social media. You’ll learn which ones will bring your the most traffic and how to get people to share your content and you’ll learn …

How to monetize your website. You’ll be taught how to monetize (what affiliate products to choose and from who) your website so that you make money. That’s the whole goal, right? So …

Where do I think you’ll find the best affiliate training for beginners? It is my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate provides the best affiliate training. Just look at what you are going to learn:




And that is just the FIRST ten lessons in the FIRST series of training! The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification contains FIVE complete courses with ten (10) lessons each. That’s 50 lessons in just the first series of courses. These lessons are designed to take the absolute newbie and teach them what they need to know to make money in an online business.


Then comes …


Once you have completed the Certification courses you’ll move on to the Affiliate Bootcamp and that is another seven phases with a total of seventy (70) lessons.

Then there are 1000+ affiliate training videos! Do you have any idea how much information is covered in 1000+ videos? This is better than having your own affiliate marketing library stocked with all the best books!

But Wait!

Seriously, there’s more …

You Get EVERYTHING Under One Roof!

the best affiliate training for beginnersYou get everything you need to start and grow your online business under one roof. You get the best affiliate training on the planet, you get website hosting (you need a place where your websites can hang out), You get the WA keyword tool (unlimited usage as a premium member), You get LIVE chat so you can visit with other members, ask questions, get answers and build friendships 24/7, you get LIVE weekly training via webinar every Friday and much more!

And here’s something to think about …

Whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not you are still going to need:

1) Hosting (at least $10 per month for a good plan)
2) You’ll need a keyword tool (another $25-$80 per month depending upon the tool) and
3) You’ll still need the training  

Why pay for everything separately when you can have everything you need under one roof? You can ever start for free (no credit card needed), check everything out and make sure Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you.


I KNOW what you might be thinking. Tel me if I’m wrong. You’re thinking “Will Wealthy Affiliate work for me? Will I really learn how to make money online in my own business? Let me share a couple testimonials with you. I have TONS of testimonials from different people but testimonials from a couple of people who were absolutely GREEN as grass new (never tried an online business before) may be just what you need to read. So …

Take Alex for example. Alex had never tried an online business before. Didn’t know squat about making a dime online. Yet in 3 months (following the training and working his tail off) he had his first $400 day! 


Read The Whole Story Here

Does everyone make a $400 day in 90 days or so? Not hardly. In fact, I’d say it’s quite rare. Alex is the kind of person that just doesn’t quit. He is totally focused and dedicated to his business. Or he was. From what I understand he goofs off a lot now. He was willing to do what others aren’t. And now he lives like most can’t.

Will you do as well as Alex? I can’t say. I don’t know you. I know that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the exact same strategies that Alex learned. Whether you complete the training, learn those strategies and implement them is a whole different story.

What about Mr. Average? How does Mr. or Mrs. Average do after being trained by Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s look at a lady named Lynne Huy. Lynne has had some serious issues to overcome. Life hasn’t always been kind. Again, like Alex she had never tried internet marketing. She had ZERO experience. Yet now she earns enough working online to turn down $300 jobs. 


Read The Whole Story Here

I have to confess that Lynne isn’t average either. Most women who have been through what she has in her life would probably be dead and certainly not earning a living online in a little over a year. I’ve watched her since she came to Wealthy Affiliate. She has gone from a green, lost soul online to a top marketer.

Can YOU do what Alex and Lynne have done? A better question is do you want to become an online marketer? Do you want to create an extra income online ($300 – 500 – $1000 per month) or even make a full-time living 6 figures?

If you want it, you can do it. Others have. Why not you?

The interesting thing to consider is that when you join Wealthy Affiliate they teach you to start your own home business. You can start that business in ANY niche’ you want. You don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make big money online. There are LOTS of Wealthy Affiliate members (800,000 give or take a few) and only a small percentage promote WA.

Because you are starting a home business you can qualify for some pretty cool tax deductions if you live in a country that lets you write stuff off. You could actually fail for a full year and still make a profit (USA folks).

The longer I’m online the more people I meet, like Deidre, who have never made a sale or been successful online yet have tried for YEARS! Then they find Wealthy Affiliate and after following the best affiliate training BAM! They start making sales and it literally amazes them! I’m showing you TWO screenshots this time so you can read Deidre’s profile and then her story about her sales!

Deidre’s Profile


Deidre’s Sales


Read The Whole Story Here

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