MLM Powerline System: The SHOCKING, Untold Truth About MLM Powerline Systems

mlm powerline systemThe MLM powerline system has been popular for years and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have undoubtedly been subjected to one.

I’ve written this controversial report so that you don’t have to become a victim of the Internet MLM gurus by getting fleeced for joining an MLM using an MLM powerline system to recruit new reps.

Let’s get something important straight right up front…

I Love MLM And This Controversial Report Is Written As My RESEARCHED Opinion To Expose The Dirty Little Secret Of The MLM Powerline System Used For Recruiting Fresh Meat …

mlm-powerline-system-scamThe MLM powerline system, which is used for prospecting and recruiting, has taken the MLM arena by storm; everyone is using them. That isn’t necessarily a good thing. Let me explain.

If you are relatively new to MLM you may not know that the powerline system was originally designed for and brought into play to be used with ONE specific MLM pay plan. The BINARY pay plan.

If you know anything about a MLM powerline system you know that the reason they are successful at bringing in literally hordes of home business entrepreneur types is that they create:

  • Massive excitement
  • Fear of loss
  • Hope for gain

Those three reasons may be EXACTLY why you should NEVER use a powerline recruiting system. It IS why I personally do not use one while building my MLM home based business.


mlm-powerline-system-scammerBecause Network Marketing or MLM is a relationship building business. Your partners (enrollees) need to be able to trust that what you tell them is true. And…

Promoting your business using a MLM powerline system could be construed as devious and deceptive on one hand and down right fraudulent on the other.

Now, don’t get all uptight if you are currently using a powerline system. You may not even realize exactly HOW the system creates the deception. BUT…

If you use a powerline recruiting system with any company you are using a system that is actually making you deceive your prospective partners and to my way of thinking, that’s no way to start a relationship.

Exactly HOW does this happen?

The system is “closing the sale” using the extremely powerful “Fear of loss and hope for gain motivator.” It’s a great method of closing a sale and there is nothing wrong with that – so far.

fear-of-lossThe “fear of loss – hope for gain” method of closing has been used for centuries. It’s nothing new. But…

The WAY this powerful motivator is used within a recruiting system , such as the powerline, can be completely unethical, deceptive, devious and even fraudulent.

The big pitch in the MLM powerline system is essentially this:

“Congratulations Charlie ‘Drooling At The Thought’ Johnson, YOU have a check coming! Willie ‘Hide Behind His Computer’ Jones has upgraded to a paid membership and will be placed on YOUR team. When Willie performs his cool magic creating thousands of dollars in sales volume you’ll get your cut! However, If…

You don’t upgrade (now or before noon tomorrow or whenever) Charlie ‘Drooling At The Thought’ Johnson then Willie ‘Hide Behind His Computer’ Jones will pass you up and you’ll have lost him forever along with your share of his profits.”

greed-and-goldFear of loss coupled with the hope for gain triggers massive greed in almost everyone and powerline recruiting systems play on the greed factor big tiime.

Ok, now there is nothing wrong with fear of loss selling. Fear of loss is the MOST powerful buying motive on the planet! BUT…

Using this powerful buying motivator deceptively is harmful to your prospect, your business and our industry’s image. Now…

BEFORE you get the urgent upgrade notice message, that I mentioned above, you’ll probably receive no less than a couple dozen other emails saying that “so-and-so” has joined YOUR team as a pre-enrollee. You may even get HUNDREDS of pre-enrollee messages if your upline is marketing on a big scale.

This DELUGE of pre-enrollees creates massive excitement, you start drooling like a hound smelling cooked beef and so when you receive the upgrade message notifying you that Sally ‘Ready For Action’ Simpson has just upgraded you’re like – duh! I’m gonna get rich! I haven’t even referred anyone to my website and I have 213 pre-enrollees! And…

kemosabePeople are upgrading and the system emails say: they are all going to be on MY team! My gosh! I’ve hit the big one Martha! I better upgrade fast so I don’t lose Sally ‘Ready For Action’ Simpson!

Wrongo Keemosabee.

mlm-powerline-system-which_way_did_he_goIf you are a pre-enrollee in a forced matrix or unilevel pay plan you’ll probably NEVER see those people anywhere close to your team let alone on it because no builder in his right mind would drive a leg (pay line) deep in a forced matrix or a unilevel. It wouldn’t make sense. They’d be driving their legs deeper than their pay levels!

Most Matrix or Unilevel pay plans only pay on 5 – 8 levels in depth. So, unless you’ve qualified for any infinity bonus or leadership pools, you’re done. In other words no one in their right mind is going to stack (spill) upgrades 14 levels deep when they only get paid on 7 levels. And..

Most Pay Plans Just Don’t Fit!

Some companies, using Matrix or Unilevel pay plans still WON’T allow you to position one of your enrollees anywhere but the NEXT open slot. Some will, some won’t. So this fact, along with the structure of the Matrix and Unilevel plans creates a big problem…

Matrix plans are usually 2 – 5 pay lines wide and the wider they are the worse your chances becomes for the promised upgrade placements to actually be placed on YOUR team – UNDER You.

Think about it. What that means to you is this:

Every level you are placed below level ONE of your enroller’s matrix increases the odds of NEVER seeing upgrades placed below you, from the powerline, IF YOU upgrade.

unilevelUnilevels have unlimited width. The big money comes from sponsoring wide so that when you sponsor an over-achiever you benefit from all the depth he or she builds below them. I’ll let you do the math on your chances of receiving any so called “spill-over” of PAID – UPGRADED members in a unilevel pay plan.

In a powerline system pre-enrollees don’t count. They aren’t real money. You earn NOTHING from a pre-enrollee unless they upgrade. And if they upgrade BUT are NOT your personal enrollee – what then?

Think about it.

How are those 14 upgrades (or whatever number you wish to use) all going to end up on YOUR team under YOU if:

  • The plan has MORE than ONE pay line
  • They are not all personally sponsored by you
  • They are not ALL sponsored by your enroller

How will it happen? It won’t.

mlm-powerline-system-upgrades-where-did-the-goI toured a dozen powerlines to find out EXACTLY how they worked. I EVEN JOINED several of the programs to see what happened. I was lookin’ round scratching my head asking myself “Where did my promised downline run off to?”

After all the basic idea and system is amazing. It just doesn’t work the way it’s portrayed and THAT is the real problem. It’s a problem of ethics and deception.

If you have ever taken a free tour of a powerline system you must have noticed that there are some heavy power players bringing in most of those pre-enrollees.

If YOU aren’t one of their personal pre-enrollees what chance do you think there is that they are going to GIVE you one of their personally upgraded members (that has cost them money to enroll) when you’re not in their pay line? Does the numeral 0 (ZERO) come to mind?

mlm-powerline-system-bizarre-no-senseFirst off – IF you are not in their pay line there is NO chance you’ll EVER get an upgrade of theirs. Pay plans don’t allow people to fill what are called cross lines. Even if they did it wouldn’t make sense to do so because they (the power player) would never get paid on that enrollee. So…

You’d have to be in the same PAYLINE as the pre-enrollee(s) who upgraded in order to have even a remote chance of them, the upgrade(s), being placed beneath you.

If the pre-enrollees you see and receive email notifications about are NOT your personal pre-enrollees, there is absolutely NO guarantee they will be placed into YOUR down line. In fact, you can be as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that they won’t be placed in your down line.

The BINARY Pay Plan

mlm-powerline-system-binary-pay-planThe MLM powerline system was originally designed for and intended to be used with the binary pay plan but …

Even with the BINARY plan there are two pay lines and three possible outcomes:

1) All the upgrades could go into your pay line. This happens when your upline is driving the pay line, you
are placed in, deep. In a binary plan you get paid on infinite depth – perfect for powerlines.

2) Some could go under you and some in your upline’s other pay line or

3) Those who are neither your personal pre-enrollees or your personal upline’s would most likely go into someone else’s pay line.

scam-mlm-powerline-systemWith a binary plan you at least have a chance of having some of those people, who are promised to you by the system, actually end up under you when you upgrade in order to “keep them.” But…

If you take the “free tour” in a company with a matrix or unilevel pay plan you can kiss your promised downline goodbye. Even in a Binary pay plan your chances are, at best, maybe 33%.

Let me say it again ===>> If the pre-enrollees you see and receive email notifications about are NOT your personal pre-enrollees, there is absolutely NO guarantee they will be placed into YOUR down line. In fact, you can be as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that they won’t be placed in your down line. If you doubt me do what I did and find out the REAL truth for yourself. It’s a lesson that could cost you $200 – $300 for testing the powerline system using the three different pay plans.

The other big problem with powerlines is that after you upgrade YOU have to begin creating your own powerlines.


scam-alertI said powerlines (plural). Unless your pay plan is a BINARY in which case you only have to create ONE more powerline yourself. That’s a good thing because driving all those free tours to your site is NOT cheap. And if you don’t have dozens, preferably hundreds, of free tours a day there will be NO excitement and very few upgrades.

So, if you are thinking of joining a team using a powerline recruiting system make sure your chosen company uses the “binary comp plan” so that you can at least be ethical, for the most part, then pull a wad of money from your bank account for promotion.

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