How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money Online

How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money Online
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How to become a stay at home mom and make money online is a short, concise roadmap for women who want to stay home and raise their own kids; rather than taking them to daycare.

In other words, if your heart tugs, rips and breaks every time you drop your kids off at daycare what you are about to read and learn regarding how to become a stay at home mom and make money online will be priceless.

Obviously becoming a stay at home mom is simple.

You quit your job and go home.

But what then?

How do you replace the income you were earning?

firing-your-boss-How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money OnlineStepping into the unknown can be a frightening experience, especially if you’re a single parent looking at zero income. If you quit you job you can’t get financial help (unemployment, etc) so, is quitting your job really a smart move?

No, it isn’t but learning to build a legitimate business online, in your spare time, is a good idea

I’m not talking about some business where you have to chase your friends and family and drag them to some worthless MLM meeting.

Even though MLM (network marketing) may be classified as a legitimate business the fact is most people can’t do it. They don’t have the leadership ability, nor do they have the ability to recruit hundreds of frontline teammates. And most do not know how to train a team of people to become leaders and top recruiters. The MLM business isn’t a good choice for most people. And that is why most people fail.

I’m talking about a business that you won’t even need to tell your neighbors, friends or family about. Once you learn to develop your income online those people who know you will simply think you got a nice raise in pay.

I’m talking about a legitimate business where you learn how to find groups of hungry, starving people online. People who are so hungry for a solution to a problem that their hair is literally on fire.

How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money OnlineThat’s all your job is! To discover little or large groups of people who have a need so great that thinking about a solution keeps them awake at night and makes their head burst into flames. Then …

All you need do is hand them a bucket of water (the solution).

  • No telling
  • No selling
  • No stupid meetings
  • No stuffing envelopes
  • No webnars (unless you want to)
  • No chasing friends, family or co-workers
  • No lying
  • No conning
  • No over-priced products or services

I’m talking an online business you can be proud of building.

A business that will provide for your family 24/7, 365 once you have it off the
ground and growing.

A business you really can pass on to your family.

A legacy you will be proud of passing on.

If you are interested, please …

Let Me Explain How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money Online

virtualassistant-how-to-become-a-stay-at-home-mom-and-make-money-onlineThere is a myriad of ways to make money online.

You can become a virtual assistant (if you have the skill set). You can become a freelance writer and make money for writing articles. You can become a graphic artist and designer if you have the skills. You can write for a platform such as HubPages that shares revenue with you but it takes a lot of hubs to make even  $50 per month. Some of those are like having a 9 – 5 job with the only benefit, working from home. And what you need is a full-time income producing online business, right?

If you want something flexible, that you can easily build in your spare time and a business that you can scale (keep growing into an empire) there is really only one astute choice.

That choice is called affiliate marketing.

No matter what you have heard about affiliate marketing it isn’t a scam. It is recommending other people’s products or services to your buyers. You know those folks you are going to learn how to find that have a problem that needs to be addressed? The ones with their hair on fire for a solution?

Yes, you do need to learn how to find those people and attract them to you and the solution you have to offer them. So in order to begin your journey to success just what will you need in regards to online tools and what will you need to do with them?

First Find A Niche’

find-a-niche-marketThe single most important step before anything else is to find a niche’, that group of people with a problem that literally sets their hair on fire and keeps then awake at night trying to find a solution.

The best niche’ will not only contain the right target (people with their hair on fire) but will be what is called an evergreen niche’. One that will bring money flowing into your business year round. That doesn’t mean a seasonal niche isn’t good, they just aren’t great and usually don’t contain the perfect targets.

Let me give you some examples of evergreen niches.

Money and wealth is an evergreen niche’. There are always people looking for more income, more money, for whatever reason. Money for retirement, money for college, money for a better life, etc. This need for more money is not seasonal. It’s a year-round quest for millions upon millions of people.

Health is another year round, evergreen niche.’ And like the money and wealth niche’ it is huge, year round and full of smaller niches, (e.g.  conditions, diseases, weight loss, aging, and more). Then you can break down those niches as well. There are literally thousands of smaller niches to be found within this large niche.

Love and relationships are another HUGE evergreen niche. Love and relationships (dating, marriage, divorce, cheating, etc) have been around since the dawn of time. The love niche’ isn’t going to go away anytime soon and that is the kind of niche you want.

Sports and athletics. This is a niche’ that’s wishy-washy. Don’t get me wrong there is big money in sports but they are seasonal for the most part. A few select sports niches may provide money year round but to me, it’s an area I don’t get involved in. IF I were to get involved I’d pick a sport that people do somewhere year round. Golf and fishing might qualify in some areas of the world where its warm year round. But football, baseball, soccer, tennis, etc are all seasonal sports. I don’t want to get paid for just 3 – 4 months. I want all 12 months available for money if possible.

The reason I build my businesses within evergreen niches is because I want to build my businesses in such a manner that I do them once and get paid for years. I like that kind of business. Build once, get paid every month, for years. Does that make sense?

The beauty of building a solid, profitable, evergreen business is threefold. 

One, once built, unless something drastic happens, it is done. Build right, build once and it’s done.

Two, YOU don’t have to continually babysit the business. It runs on autopilot. It is working for you 24/7, 365. It rarely gets sick (sometimes there is a glitch (Google does some weird change) that may affect it but normally it keeps right on ticking like a Timex watch.

make-money-24-7-365-onlineThree, it continuously spews money into my (or your) bank account. Whether awake, playing with family at the beach or sleeping (no joke, no hype) it continually earns you money, day and night.

What you need to understand, in order to get your head wrapped around the immensity of potential, is that the Internet never sleeps. And once you have found a niche’ there are most likely people all over the world in that niche’ looking for the solution you offer.

Because of location and time zones you could live in the UK and be sleeping while someone in the USA or Canada gives you money by buying your offered solution. It’s just the way it is online. For example …

I live in the USA. I’m also an Amazon affiliate. I’m not just an affiliate for Amazon USA. I’m also an affiliate (you have to enroll with each country separately) with Amazon UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. My businesses are all done in English but there are people in those countries who speak English and there is Google translate.

When someone who lives in the UK, Spain, France, Germany or Italy buys what I offer I get paid and when they are awake, going about their day; I’m asleep. Once you have a great niche’ and your business running it’s like having your own ATM machine. I’m serious!

Once you have discovered a niche’ full of hungry, hair on fire, can’t sleep at night people desperate for a solution to their problem and you have a viable offer that will fill their need then it’s time to …

Build a Website

I know, I know you don’t want to have to learn how to build a website but hear me …

Building a site is NOT hard! In fact, if you have the right hosting building a site can be accomplished in about 30 minutes with 4 simple mouse clicks. I’ll show how easy it is with the right tools.

Monetize Your Website

monetize-your-siteYou can monetize your website with various affiliate programs such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, JvZoo, Amazon or Google Adsense.

There are many affiliate programs and to find one for your favorite product simply put in the name of the product and follow it with a + affiliate program (name + affiliate program).

It is entirely possible that an affiliate program for your favorite product doesn’t exist but there could be a suitable alternative. So check it out.

How do you get all the tools and training?

Where to Get the Tools and Training You Need

how-to-become-a-stay-at-home-mom-and-make-money-onlineThe best place I know about is Wealthy Affiliate. For more information on Wealthy Affiliate check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.

You will have all the tools, all the training, and all the help you will ever need to start and grow an online business from home.

And you have those tools, the training, and the help not simply starting out but for as long as you want.

Everything you need under one roof.

The best way to check out Wealthy Affiliate and determine if it’s for you is to get a free account (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED).

Wealthy Affiliate is your best answer to …

How to become a stay at home mom and make money online.


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