Free Network Marketing Tips For Those Interested In Network Marketing

free-network-marketing-tipsFree network marketing tips are often difficult to find because most everyone wants you to pay for their information. Looking for free network marketing tips? Keep Reading!

Many people join a network marketing company never knowing what to expect. Where those who pray upon the unsuspecting will present network marketing as something so easy their 6 year old could make a fortune the real experts will truthfully tell you it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to achieve network marketing success.

Reality, especially in network marketing, is always different than what some want you to believe and it will most likely take a lot more than 90 days to build a downline capable of sustaining enough income to support your family. Following common sense, effective, network marketing tips will teach you the basics of the industry while helping you measure your chances of success.

Network marketing stars are created overnight only in dreams. The reality is that you are going to become frustrated, even teeter on the edge of quitting but if you are in the right mind-set, focused and your desire to succeed is strong enough you will endure, pay the price and succeed.

You’ll need to learn skills you may not have right now such as:

  • How to use various marketing strategies
  • How to use computer programs and software
  • How to generate quality network marketing leads
  • How to present the plan on autopilot
  • How to completely eliminate rejection
  • How to become a recognized leader

What I just said is the truth and the following 5 tips may help you steer the right course.

Free Network Marketing Tips

Free Network Marketing Tips
Free Network Marketing Tips

1. Become a Zoner. Always be in the zone. Your mind has to be right, focused on one thing – success.

You already know you are going to face some difficult challenges. One of the best ways to crash through challenges is to write down “WHY” you are in or thinking about network marketing.

Your WHY can be anything but, money usually isn’t a strong enough WHY. You want to write down your BIG dreams.

What are they?

Maybe you want to leave your job so that you can be home every day with your kids.

What are you willing to do to achieve that dream goal?

Write down your dreams, focus on your dreams (the real reasons you joined or are thinking of joining), your goals and your plan of ACTION to achieve each goal.

2. Suck up training like a sponge. Learn network marketing. Buy books, CD’s, DVD’s and fill your mind with knowledge. Learn about your company, product and pay plan. The value of knowing everything about those 3 subjects isn’t found in presenting the plan so much as it is in the intangible benefits such as instilling the confidence that gives you a certain posture which, in turn, will give you an edge over the competition.

3. Learn Marketing. Learn skills to effectively brand YOURSELF not your company or products. It Is YOU, Inc. Promote YOU, Inc. Learn to prospect effectively and convert your prospects into business partners. If you are thinking of building your business on the Internet ask yourself “Do I know how?” Seriously if you have difficulty doing email you certainly aren’t ready to promote a network marketing business on the Internet. I would seriously suggest you learn how to do everything first!

4. Use an Automated System. In today’s age of the Internet you need an automated online recruiting system. I do not like guru “cookie cutter, EZ button” recruiting systems. I have my reasons and that is why I use my own system. It too is an automated system that sifts, sorts, presents and converts (sells) but different because it’s MINE not some guru’s. I didn’t “re-invent the wheel” I just made the wheel mine. I suggest you do the same.

5. Find a mentor. Before people become leaders they become followers. They learn from leaders to become leaders themselves. You need to be open-minded, have a desire to learn and be teachable to reap the benefits of finding and having a quality mentor.

6. Set Realistic Goals. The worst thing you can do is to set unrealistic goals. If your skill set is lacking don’t set a goal to be earning $10,000 per month in 90 days. That is ludicrous! If you can barely do email setting goals to learn how to use the necessary software applications, how to build a website (your own blog), creat quality original content (means lots of research about network marketing) and sponsor your first business builder would be more appropriate goals. 

7. Learn WordPress. Learn WordPress and how to build out your first site/blog. If you have the right training it is easy peasy. You can get training, hosting (for your sites), and all the necessary tools to build out ANY kind of business in ANY niche’ simply by opening a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

These 5 Network Marketing Activities Produce Results

5-keys-to-success-in-network-marketingI’m going to outline the top 5 network marketing home business activities and explain why your focus needs to be on them instead of allowing other distractions to slow down the growth of your mlm home business.

When you discover that you are investing too much time in other activities it could be too late. Your business may have already suffered present loss and may also suffer future loss. It is much better to stay focused on activities that will move your mlm home business forward.

Think of your network marketing home business activities as imperative to your success because they are. Cleaning your desk, surfing the net or shining your shoes are NOT activities that will move your business forward.

Administrative tasks like paying bills, buying supplies (printer cartridges, stamps, paper etc) are necessary, mundane and non-productive and if you don’t have any one you completely trust you probably will need to do those things yourself but other time wasters such as going to the post office are things you may be able to delegate.

Ask yourself this question often:

“Am I doing the most productive activity possible right now, one that will move my business forward enabling me to reach success?”

If your answer is no, switch focus to these five, business building activities:

#1 – Prospecting. Prospecting for new business partners is imperative. In the Internet age prospecting for new mlm leads can be done online giving you the whole world as a possibility for growth and increased income. Prospecting online is far more cost-effective than offline prospecting. If done properly it is also rejection free. Your prospecting activities lead to …

#2 – Recruiting, Enrolling, Sponsoring. Whatever terminology you feel comfortable with recruiting new business partners and customers should be your primary objective. Without recruiting your business will not grow. New customers buy products. New business partner drive your business and are the catalyst that creates “leveraged income.”

#3 – Training Recruits. Training those you recruit is extremely important.  If your recruits are not trained they won’t produce. They won’t even know how to get started. It is essential that your training be easy to understand, complete and implement. Duplication is the KEY to growth. If your recruits are not trained to duplicate what you do your business growth will depend soley upon your own efforts. Your own efforts is NOT what produces the “magic” found in mlm. Without team dupication you might as well watch the grass grow. 🙂

#4 – Motivation. Keeping your team motivated and producing results is the only way to achieve huge incomes. If your team is a non-producing, dead stick you are also a dead stick. Proper training and motivation are key elements to growing a successful network marketing business.

#5 – Sharpening your saw. This is self iprovement. Developing and honing skills. Skills you need. Skills you may not have. And sharpening the skills you have or have acquired to a fine cutting edge.

As a final summary network marketing is a powerful income generation platform. If you follow the above free network marketing tips, stay focused, improvise, adapt and overcome when difficult challenges present themselves you will succeed and one day you can sit back, with a well deserved feeling of accomplishment and enjoy the network marketing empire you built for your family.

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