Can I Make Money Online From Home?

can-i-make-money-onlineThe Internet gold rush is in full swing. MILLIONS of people are racing to the Internet in order to try their hand at online marketing. If you are one of them you may be asking yourself “Can I make money online from home?”

It’s only normal to doubt one’s ability when faced with what seems like overwhelming odds but take heart because if you are wondering “can I make money online?” the answer is yes.

Yes, you can make money online from home.

You’ll simply have to become more creative in order to stand out from the crowd.

Make money online from home – Can you?

can-i-make-money-online-todayAccording to Google trends, your realistic chances of making money online from home today are better than they were several years ago during the recession because there is actually less competition than there was during that time yet …

More people are buying online today than just three (3) years ago with consumer shopping dollars expected to reach 1.5 TRILLION by 2018.[1]

The U.S. Census Bureau News also states that online sales are up over last quarter.[2] According to the Centre For Online Research E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and North America.[3]

This all indicates that you have a wonderful opportunity to answer the question “Can I make money online?” in a very positive way. All you need to do is figure out what it is you’d like to market online and then go for it!

Can i make money online

Google trends shows the competition is strong and steady but again do NOT let that deter you from starting an online business. All that this proves is that it is simply a little more difficult to get your brand out there than it was 10 -15 years ago. If you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen. IF I can make money online so can you.

How can I make money online from home?

HOW can I make money online from home? That is the question you should be asking. Anyone can make money online from home if they possess the right skill sets. So what exactly are you an expert in? Do this:

  1. Get out a piece of paper and write down everything you really enjoy
  2. Cross out everything you could not see your self-writing authoritatively about
  3. What is left is what you focus upon

Let’s say you are very knowledgable in survival skills. Survival is big right now. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that the world banking system, political system, and other things that are quickly driving people towards destruction.

Can i make money online

Interest in survival skills was a little higher a couple years ago but the interest is still there and I personally think it will continue for quite some time so …

IF you happen to be a skilled survival expert what knowledge can you offer the average person that would help them survive disasters such as:

  • Civil war
  • Famine
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Financial collapse

Seriously what would you have to offer in the way of expertise?

Write it all down because this will give you an idea of whether or not you too can make money online from home. OK so …

What have we just done?

We have just figured out a niche’ you could develop a successful business around so that you can begin to make money online from home. All you’d have to do now is develop a list of keywords and phrases that you could base your high quality, original content around and then simply start writing about what you know. Oh wait …

I forgot.

You need some online marketing tools!

What exactly will you need?

Can i make money online - Yes But you need a website

You need a website

You need a website to hold all of your top quality content you are going to write. That also means you are going to need hosting. Hosting is like a hanger in your closet that you hang your site on the only difference is that your hanger will be on the internet.

You can get some seriously cheap hosting. But IF you are going to build out a nice website you need to get hosting that will be able to handle a business site and that will run you roughly $10 – $20 bucks per month.

If you are like me and don’t know CSS from XML you’ll need an easy-to-use site builder. One that with 4 simple mouse clicks you have a site ready for content.

Can i make money online - easy to use site builder - wealthy affiliate

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate begins to look really good. They offer hosting for up to 50 websites and an easy-to-use site builder that can easily have you up and running in approximately 30 – 60 minutes depending on how fast you move. If you’re a procrastinator instead of a doer it could take you months.

Can i make money onlineI’d start with a free account and a free site first. That way you can always trash the site and start over if you really think it sucks but that would only be necessary if you didn’t choose the right subdomain for your free site so …

Before you actually start building your site you should really …

Choose some keywords and phrases

Keywords and phrases are what people use to do online searches. When you search for something online you use certain words and phrases to find what you’re looking for and those are called keywords or keyword phrases. So …

You’d want to invest some time writing down all the words and phrases that you would use if you were searching for information about surviving some sort of a disaster. Then you’d plug those search terms into the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and let it do its magic.

can i make money online - wealthy affiliate keyword tool

You can have tons of keywords and phrases to research in seconds. Then you simply do some tasks (research) to find the best and most likely keywords you can rank for quickly. (psssssst! That’s where the Wealthy Affiliate training comes into play) Anyway …You can have all the hosting you need for up to 50 sites, a keyword tool that would normally run around $35 per month and complete training (so much it will take you several years to learn it all) for only $49/mo.



$1.63 per day to learn how to build a business online AND have every tool you need to build that business. All you need to do (if you are serious) is to open your FREE account and begin learning, testing the water to see if Wealthy Affiliate and marketing online is really your bag. What do you have to lose?

It’s a FREE account. NO credit card needed!


How do I learn everything I need to know?

You learn everything you need to know about marketing online via the Wealthy Affiliate training courses and videos. You’ll have 120 first class lessons (like college courses), 12 classrooms, 1000+ videos, and tons of members who are making money available to you (via LIVE chat) to learn from. You’ll also have LIVE weekly training via webinars.



Once you have finished the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification courses you’ll be far ahead of almost anyone online in regards to knowledge and then you can move on to the …


The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is another seven (7) phases of training with 10 lessons in each phase. By the time you are done with all 120 lessons (both training series) you’ll be as close to a pro marketer as you can get via classroom type learning. You’ll have also put into practical application everything you have learned.

Allow me to share with you exactly what Wealthy affiliate training has done for me. I have a video for you to watch. It is fairly long but if you are serious about marketing online you really do need to watch what I have to share with you.


Can I make money online from home? Yes I can. I am and so can you. Just open your free account. Once you have opened your account make sure you contact me. I’ll be more than willing to help you.



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3 Online Retailing: Britain, Europe, US and Canada 2016 (Centre For Retail Research)

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