Benefits of MLM: The Benefits Of An MLM Home Business

benefits of mlmDo you know the true benefits of MLM or the benefits of starting a MLM home business?

MLM is also known as network marketing.

Do you know exactly what a highly successful MLM business could mean to you?

It’s important that you know.


What Are the Benefits of MLM

benefits of mlmOther than freedom from a job, boss or conventional business what are some of the other benefits of MLM? Many people think they know the benefits of MLM, yet really don’t. The average person doesn’t know any more than Aunt Martha’s or Uncle Harry’s almost always preconceived misconceptions. So let’s take a real hard look at the differences between the 9 – 5 J.O.B. (just over broke), a conventional business and MLM (multi-level marketing) aka network marketing.

A Job Makes You A Slave – MLM Sets You Free

job-slave-go-mlm-benefitsWhen you have a J.O.B. you are trading precious time for money while you build someone else’s dream and your boss dictates your worth. Your boss and/or your employer also dictate where you work, with whom you work, when you work and how you work [1]. You and your family get what’s left of both you and your time.

Don’t believe me?

Take 3 months vacation, without asking, and then stroll into work and ask for a raise.

benefits-of-mlm-no-bossOk, that may be an unlikely scenario but if you did take off for 3 months without asking your employer you probably wouldn’t get the raise, you’d get fired wouldn’t you?

When you are employed you are NOT in control of your time, your income, or your life. Your boss owns you for 40-60 hours per week. You and your family get whats left over.

What’s worse is your boss and the company you work for control your family security. And, whether you wish to accept or think of the ramifications, they can pull the rug from beneath you anytime they choose. There is ALWAYS someone else willing to work your job for less money.

If you think you are immune to “downsizing” or “replacement” grab a glass of water, stick your finger in, pull your finger out and, watch to see how long the hole lasts.

In today’s job market your employer controls:

  • Your time
  • Your salary
  • Your security
  • Your life

Your Business Owns You – MLM Sets You Free

mlm-benefitsWhen you own a conventional or franchised business chances are you do not own your business it owns you. When was the last time you were able to take 3 months vacation in a row and come back to an increased income?

I’d be willing to bet if you haven’t owned your small business for at least 10 years you haven’t had but one, maybe two nice vacations, if any at all. That is one of the problems with being a conventional business owner. Unless you have become successful enough to hire a great management team chances are you are the team. And when the team is gone the business suffers.

Here’s the cold hard truth: Most conventional small business owners have done nothing more than buy themselves a job. No freedom. You have shackles binding you, your expensive job owns you [2].

MLM Gives You A Lifestyle Of Freedom



MLM otherwise known as Network Marketing is totally different in most respects. Those who learn fast and focus on the objective can often be earning more than their job or small business paid them in a year of solid, consistent, part-time effort [3]. I’ve known 6 figure salary earners who replaced their income within 2 years by building a Network Marketing business. Your success in MLM is based soley on you because …

network-marketing-success-benefits of mlm


IF you have the right attitude (positive and teachable), the right work ethic, a need to achieve (Also known as your “WHY”), can follow directions, have a knowledgable, skilled up line who can help you learn skills you don’t have that are needed in todays global MLM arena, then, your chances of success go up dramatically.

Low Investment

starting-online-mlm-business-low-costThe money at risk when starting a MLM business is extremely low compared to other business models. I mean we are talking the difference between dollars and pennies. This may be one of the reasons people fail. They have literally nothing at risk yet …

People who think that way are completely wrong. They are risking the loss of an opportunity that could have changed their life in an extremely dramatic way. If those same people would have had to mortgage their home and first-born, like when buying a McDonald’s franchise, you can bet your next check they’d have worked like a slave to become successful.

No Inventory

drop-ship-no-inventory-in-mlm-benefitsUnless you want to retail large amounts of product there is no reason to stock an inventory. In fact, some MLM companies market products that are simply not stockable items. Services, for example, are not stockable items.

Even if you retail product, which is one source of income available in all MLM company compensation plans, most companies will now ship your retailed products right to your customer’s door because retail customers usually purchase those products online now through their distributors personal website. So unless you really want to be the neighborhood door-to-door mustard salesperson retailing has changed.

No Employees

no-employees-benfits-of-mlmUnless your business becomes extremely huge you’ll have no need for employees like your doctor, dentist, florist or that McDonald’s franchise owner down the road. Although …

I suppose you could hire a maid, someone to mow your lawn and do things that may be what you’d consider to be mundane, time-consuming wastes of valuable time so that you could be on the golf course or fishing a blue ribbon trout stream.  🙂

No Daily Commute

no-commute-with-mlm-businessIf you are one of those poor souls who commute back and forth to work (hours in rush hour traffic), inhaling diesel and gas fumes, while doing your best to avoid collisions on busy freeways …

One huge change you’ll enjoy, when mlm success knocks, is the short commute. About, oh, say a couple of minutes max? That’s if you stop off for fresh coffee in your kitchen on the way to your home office.

Leveraged Residual Income

leveraged-residual-income-mlmbenefitsThe leverage is there as soon as you have enrolled your first business partner. The steady, growing residual income will take some time. The more business partners you bring into your network marketing business the sooner you’ll have enough residual income to supplement or even replace your current earnings.

It is very possible, on a part-time basis, to build a MLM dynasty, with the income that will make your doctor’s income pale in comparison. That is what the majority of people are unable to get their heads wrapped around. And that isn’t hype. It’s pure fact. Many MLM companies publish the incomes of their top earners. All you have to do is search. But …

In order to build a MLM empire online, along with the resulting income will take effort (work) and probably some sacrifice. It all depends on just how badly you want that dynasty and income. If you can earn $100/mo online you can learn to earn $1000. If you can earn $1000/mo you can earn $10,000. It is all up to you, your desire, your skill set and the skills you are willing to learn that you may not have now.

It’s A Global Business

global-mlm-home-businessIf you choose the right company, one that does business easily on a global basis, you then, literally, have the world at your finger tips.

With the new technologies (email, Skype, VOIP, Webinar software, etc) you can literally do presentations and offer training meetings that easily reach your global prospects and your business partners.

If this all sounds good to you maybe you should dig deeper, get more in-depth info and see if network marketing is the business model for you.

Let Uncle Sam Pay For Your Home Business Start Up!

uncle-sam-will-pay-your-mlm-start-upIf you live in the United States and are thinking of starting an online home business I have great news! Many people simply do not know that Uncle Sam will pay for your business start up.

It’s true! And the way that happens is through the many tax advantages that you receive as a business owner. So what reason do you really have to procrastinate? By the way …

Be Realistsic

If You have no clue about marketing online you should consider marketing OFFline (making a list and working your list) until you know how to market online. MLM is NOT a get rich quick scheme, even if your know what you are doing online (unless you have a huge, loyal email list of top notch marketers).

What I’m saying is if you have no clue about marketing online you need to set realistic goals and realize you are not going to be rich anytime soon. You should be willing to invest at LEAST two years of hard, focused, part-time effort. You are going to need tools and you’ll need to know how to make them sing (work well).

IF you are totally green to marketing I would suggest that you first lean how to market online and then join a legitimate, proven MLM company. Too many people put the cart before the horse and suffer disaster. MLM has been around for years. The benefits of MLM haven’t changed. Once you know how to market online the MLM opportunity will still be there.


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